Sunday, 7 November 2010

Mini Book Project.

This is the cover of a book I created in two days. It is more of a scrapbook and I am not sure if I am proud of it or not. I used many many many different mediums, collage, photoshop, photocopy, letters from old newpapers... so it turned into a little bit of a mish mash. 

The idea was to illustrate ballet steps. The terms are all in french and I wanted to illustrate the meaning of the words in french and play with the typography.

Couronne - Crown
Frappe - Move fast

Chasse - Chase
Battement - Beaten 

I am finally getting into this project. With only two weeks to go I should be really! I am excited to go and visit Freed the ballet shoe makers on wednesday to draw and take photos. 

Do you think the fact I have bought four pairs of shoes in two weeks and am focusing my project on ballet shoes is pointing me in the direction of having a serious shoe habit? Or is it the fact I am working in a shoe shop and its influence is seeping into my brain? 

Until next time



  1. I have been reading your blog and I find it absolutely fascinating. As a young artist trying to break into the world of illustration and art, i find this blog both enjoyable to read and informative. You have officially inspired me!

    I will also be moving into Maidstone very soon, possibly within the month. Perhaps we could network?

    Yours, Emma

  2. Hello Emma!

    Sure we can network! I love meeting new artists :)

    And thank you for your comment, I was having quite an awful day until I read this, it cheered me up no end. Its feedback like this that really spurs me on :)

    Have you got a twitter?


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