Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New things.


I am currently wasting a day nursing a hangover and thinking. I certainly feel there is not enough time in each day now so to be spending a day like this makes me feel so guilty. At least I have some sort of idea for this self initiated project that is heading my way. Bambi. I wish to illustrate the original text written 1921 deep in the heart of Austria by Felix Salten.

Original first edition Austrian edition

I doubt I will be able to get hold of a rare original like this one but an english illustrated edition of the story has not been done since the 80's. Of course there are the arrestingly beautiful 1967 illustrations by Mirko Hanak which I stumbled upon on my Tumblr feed, it was these that fired up my imagination.

Illustrations by Mirko Hanak

I am suffering from cabin fever stuck here in maidstone like this, so hopefully this wild and woodlandy project will allow my mind to escape for a little. 

Time to get the pencils out.

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