Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Sketchbook work.... Delightful Maidstone

A Grumpy Father, Sulking Daughter at Fortify Cafe. 
My absolute favorite place for sandwiches, the chedder and tomato chutney is just mmmmm.
Drawn with brush pen

"Are You Drawing Our Backs?"
This was painted by the river on a beautiful day after a trip to a farm. This family was very interested in what I was doing but kindly agreed to being captured in ink. The white space in the top right is to evoke the glorious sunlight of that evening. 

Young Ladies In The Sun
I remember this day. It was another warm one about mid april and I was eating a Boots Meal Deal - a Mexican Bean Wrap to be precise. Here I am trying to evoke sun and warmth once more.

Rows Of Houses all Bearing Down On Me
This particular area is so foreboding, a network of streets full of derelict homes and industrial structures. Its a kind of half-way place surrounded by the shiny developed town which obviously was a hub of industry in its time. I came across this row of houses overlooking a warehouse with trees growing through the roof. Curiously they all had bowls of tuna outside for the colony of stray cats living nearby. This image works for me as it perfectly depicts the overcast weather of the day and the endless rows of factory worker houses that make up this town.

A Late Afternoon Stroll With Our Shadows
Its odd how you notice patterns occurring in your work when you look back on it, these sharp perspectives feature a lot in my recent drawings. 

The Little Lady And The Gargoyles
The bus shelter under Chequers Centre, an outdated shopping centre with 80's decor and a nicotine stained ceiling. These old folks had such stony expressions I decided to depict them that way. 


  1. I love the second and last one. Awesome.

  2. lmao I didnt mean to post them yet LOL! not cropped but ta anywho :D


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