Friday, 19 February 2010

My Other Self

I feel as though I have been drawing too many self portraits of late. Is that being self absorbed? I don't want to think so. Below you will find a selection of the final transformation into an animal images I created last month. A select few because the other two are too bad ever to see the light of day ever again. Unless they get discovered by a historian in a few hundred years as they dig through a landfill trying to work out how our society fell apart. Mmm maybe I should sign them? :)


This is me, I love the hair it was rather painful on the wrists but worth it I think. All is done with a loverly pen/paintbrush/drybrush I got given to me by Robert Sae-Heng. I can give info.

You can tell I got lazy by this point as far as the hair is concerned. 
Concerning is also the word I would use to describe the Avatar like look I have got going on here.

My favorite one and the fastest to complete. I am proud of the dreamy gaze in those eyes. I would love to  have side-eyes for a day just to see how much I can see and cant see. I can imagine it would make eating food difficult and avoiding lamp-posts. 

Other than scanning these (which took far too long) I am enjoying vanilla smells, listening to Waltz In Black by The Stranglers and a cup of tea and a little cake with a cherry on top! I feel so english!

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